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Ranging from 30 minutes to 120 minutes, a treatment for young and old.

Facial treatments formulated to target specific skin concerns like dehydration, radiance, calming, balancing, anti redness, acne or re surfacing by using specific products from the Medik8 range. 

Deep Cleanse:                                         $85 (30 min)

Essential facial:                                    $120 (45 min)

Essential facial Anti ageing:                    $150 (1hr)

Essential facial Calmwise:                       $150 (1hr)

Essential facial Hydration:                       $150 (1hr)

Hydro micro facial:        $165 (1hr + 15 min + LED)

Platinum facial:             $200 (1hr + 30min + LED)


Medik8® Signature peels

These treatments is between 30 minutes and 1 hour. All Medik8® peels, no matter which peel is selected for which skin concern, will be performed with great care. Usually a first peel will be done using low level acids to ensure comfort but still have optimal results. These peels will mainly treat specific skin concerns such as pigmentation, dullness, break-outs and fine lines. All peels will be optimised by using Medik8® homecare.

Mesoestetic peels


This is a customised tailored treatment formulated by the leaders in the industry of brightening methods to mainly treat melisma and pigmentation of all skin types. This is a intense treatment with down time that will give you ultimate results

Mesoestetic peels


This is a clinical treatment formulated specifically to treat and control acne prone and seborrheic skin by addressing numerous factors that trigger this skin disorder.

Enzymatic peel:                                      $90 (40min)

Glycolic peel:                                           $90 (40min)

Mesoestetic® peel:                                     $120 (1hr)

Medik8® peels:                                             $120 (1hr)

Mesoestetic® Cosmelan peel:                       $1250

incl. home maintenance kit

Mesoestetic® Acnelan peel:                           $1300

incl. home maintenance kit


Brightening booster:                             $50 (30min)

Hydration booster:                                 $50 (30min)


Dermaplaning incl LED                           $90 (60min)


This treatment is a popular non-surgical, anti-aging deep exfoliating procedure that is performed with Medik8 products. During the treatment diamondhead microdermabrasion will be used to gentle exfoliate and polish the skin. The benefits of doing this treatment on a monthly basis will be to cleanse and deeply exfoliate the skin and reduce clogged pores. Prevent break outs and restore the skin to look healthy, smooth and glowing again.

Express microdermabrasion:            $80 (40min)

Advanced microdermabrasion:                        $120

                                                                          (1hr + LED)

Deluxe microdermabrasion:                              $165

                                                         (1hr + 20min + LED)

Dermal micro needling

This treatment creates micro channels into the skin that gets infused with a specific ampoule to achieve the highest level of results. The skins natural wound healing response gets triggered to stimulate new collagen and elastin. The aim of this treatment is to give your skin a tighter, plumper more rejuvenated texture and will also reduce fine lines and scarring.

Face+Neck:                                                   $350 (1hr)

Face+neck+décolletage treatment:              $395

                                                                    (1hr + 30 min)

Package of 4 treatments:                               $1200

Healite LED treatment

This treatment is a non-invasive, rejuvenating therapy to be used after every skin treatment or use as a stand alone treatment. The LED repairs, rejuvenates and stimulate the skin. There is also a treatment to treat acne and hormonal break outs.

Yellow single:                                            $60 (15min)

Yellow add on:                                           $30 (15min)

Package of 4 Yellow:                                           $200

Blue single:                                                $75 (25min)

Package of 4 blue:                                               $240


Brow shaping:                                          $20 (20min)

Lip and Chin waxing:                              $20 (20min)


Brow tinting:                                              $20 (15min)

Lash tinting:                                              $25 (25min)

Combo tinting:                                         $40 (40min)

Brow and lash combo:                            $55 (45min)

Brow combo:                                             $35 (30min)

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